Breasts are an important part of the perception of beauty, and women’s constant efforts in this regard are proof of this. Most women seem to find what they don’t have more attractive about it. A woman with small breasts is trying to enlarge her breasts, while a woman with large breasts is trying to reduce it. Ideally, the person should have the most suitable chest for their own body size.

Asymmetrical breasts are another part of this issue. The asymmetrical chest issue, which is mostly caused by wearing the wrong underwear, may not be noticed from the outside. But when the person is in front of the mirror, this asymmetry disorder he sees in himself will disturb him. It should not be forgotten that there are breasts whose asymmetry deteriorates after breastfeeding.

Asymmetrical chest problem can occur in different ways in everyone. Different starting points of the two breasts can cause one to appear lower than the other. Or even if the starting points of the two breasts are the same, the nipple of one may be higher and lower than the other. The ideal position of the nipples is possible if they are aligned and facing forward. If the nipples are not facing forward, this is also a part of the asymmetry disorder.

Do women have to live with such a problem for the rest of their lives? Of course not, because the remedies in aesthetics are inexhaustible, even better solutions are always produced.

Women who want to deal with this problem first find the solution in silicone supportive bras. Breasts with distorted asymmetry are never understood from the outside thanks to these supporters.

Even if this solution is daily, it is in a style that anyone can easily do in terms of cost. But if you want my breasts to be fixed permanently and both of them are equal to each other in every aspect, the solution is surgical operation.

As Elit Polyclinic, we can find solutions for asymmetrical breasts in a short time. Thanks to this procedure performed under general anesthesia, you can find a permanent solution within a few hours. After the operation, you can continue your daily life with rest for 1-2 days. The special bra you will wear for a certain period of time is also important for the operation to give a healthy result.

Asymmetrical breast correction prices may vary depending on the institution you will have the procedure. The most important point in this regard is that you work with a surgeon who is an expert in this operation, even before the price.

If it’s not a destiny to live with ascimericious breasts, you should meet with one of the permanent or temporary methods as soon as possible.

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