The definition of non-surgical facelift may sound very interesting to you at first reading. You think that this is not possible. Non-surgical facelift is quite difficult and the healing process has developed as an alternative to long surgical operations.

Non-surgical facelift applications are mostly used by people who are afraid of taking general anesthesia and are afraid of going under the knife. So what are these Non-Surgical face lift applications? All of these applications are based on special medical materials defined as hangers and ropes. It is aimed to create a lifting effect thanks to these yarns, each of which is produced from different materials and materials, and the durability period is different from each other.

It can be applied to everyone, regardless of middle age and above, men / women. Especially if you have sagging skin on your face, neck and décolleté and make you look older than you are, this procedure will be suitable for you as well. Another feature of non-surgical facelift applications with lifting effect is that it stimulates subcutaneous collagen production. The skin renews itself over time and regains its former vitality and flexibility.

Non-surgical face lift applications; In the market, there are different applications known as star hanger, french hanger, spider web, therad lift, thread face lift. As we mentioned before, the purpose, application model, durability, and effects on the skin of all of these applications are different.


Yes it is possible. Especially the biggest advantage is that you do not receive general anesthesia. There are no deep incisions or stitches, and it is possible to return to daily life after the operation in a short time. After the non-surgical facelift application, hospitalization is not required. After the application, you can go home on foot. Another reason why these applications are more preferred is that there is less pain and pain sensation after the procedure.

Non-surgical facelift prices are also more affordable than surgical operations. The most important factor that determines prices is how many pairs of yarn are used during your operation. If you are considering having non-surgical facelift applications, we recommend you to choose specialist doctors and hospitals. In particular, it will help you decide to examine the before-after application examples that can be a reference for you.

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